Silver Fox

She's pretty, she's shiny; but don't touch-- she bites.


{Amazing photos by Augusta @}

So it was 106 when I shot this-- probably too hot to be wearing fur, but thats never stopped me before! I am so stoked for the coming of fall. This means jackets and pantsuits out the yingyang, and, as you can see, I cannot wait!
I love putting together bold dramatic outfits and this shimmery orange jumpsuit from Topshop certainly makes a statement. I purchased this piece online, in mind for the night life scene of LA-- with the coming of my latest album release I am gearing up my performing attire. I am simply in love with it. The deep V is always flattering, and while I may look like the Great Pumpkin, I'm going to rock it till I drop! Throw on some sunnies and fur and I'm set for the runway.

Wishing I was at Fashion Week... Living every week like it is <3